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Strategic Performance Management
Using the SPM Maturity Model© to turn vision into business value


A new, refreshing approach to performance management

Five reasons why you need this report:

  • Use the SPM Maturity Model – exclusively covered in this report - to revitalise your organisation’s performance management
  • Achieve step-change improvements in your results
  • Maximise the return from your business intelligence systems
  • Master the five key enablers of improved performance
  • Rapidly identify and overcome the most important barriers to improved performance  

Strategic Performance Management shows you how to develop a performance management programme tailored specifically to your corporate needs. What’s more it is grounded in practical experience.

By sifting the lessons and experience of organisations at all levels, the Report describes how every company can apply performance information to improve performance. It recognises that this effort involves an integrated approach that engages leaders, the workforce, corporate culture and technology.

Exclusively, this report shows you how to form an assessment of your current position to develop a practical and deliverable plan for improving your results. Whatever the current state of performance management in your organisation, it shows you the way forward.

Based on an extensive programme of research, Strategic Performance Management provides you with a toolkit to revitalise your performance management capability. The SPM Maturity Model – described in detail exclusively in this report - is both a diagnostic and planning tool. It turns the research findings about companies’ widely different success rates into a set of actionable principles and guidelines that you can apply.


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