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Based on months of painstaking and original research, our reports contain a wealth of up-to-date case studies and offer an unrivalled breadth of information and guidance, all of which provides organizations with the vital edge in improving and measuring strategic performance to achieve superior business performance.


Building a Strategic Balanced Scorecard

A new, refreshing approach to performance management
Strategic Performance Management shows you how to develop a performance management programme tailored specifically to your corporate needs. What’s more it is grounded in practical experience.

Strategic Performance Management - more information

World Class HR Report

HR measures that drive future business value
This new report from Business Intelligence pulls together the most important developments in measurement practice to provide a highly practical set of guidelines to help HR directors find their own solution.

World-Class HR - The New Measurement Agenda - more information

Building a Strategic Balanced Scorecard

Discover everything you need to know about delivering a successful scorecard programme
This report provides comprehensive guidance on how to deliver a successful scorecard programme. Drawing on the latest best-practice lessons learnt by practitioners from leading international organizations, the report details current best-practice knowledge.

Building a Strategic Balanced Scorecard - more information

Managing Strategic Performance

Aligning strategy, performance and business results
This report demonstrates how adopting a strategic approach to performance management can lead to clear competitive advantage and reveals what puts some companies way ahead of the competition in managing strategic performance.

Managing Strategic Performance - more information

Transforming Public Sector Performance Management

An expert guide for transformational performance management
For the first time, Business Intelligence provides public sector organizations with a best-practice guide to achieving performance excellence. Based on the findings of an extensive programme of research, the report provides comprehensive advice on how to achieve breakthrough performance improvements that meet the expectations of key stakeholders.

Public Sector Performance Management - more information

The essential resource for public sector organizations
Grounded in the practical lessons that public sector organizations have learnt from applying the scorecard to their own special circumstances, Developing a Public Sector Scorecard gives you first-hand access to the views of scorecard managers. This report reveals their achievements, but also how they tackled the problems, the risks and difficulties they encountered.

Developing a Public Sector Scorecard - more information

Creating The HR Scorecard

Performance measurement is now a critical issue for the HR Professional
This report provides a step-by-step process by which HR leaders can create their own dedicated functional balanced scorecard that will clearly demonstrate how the function is helping to deliver its organizations’ strategic goals.

Creating The HR Scorecard - more information

Measuring Knowledge and Intellectual Capital

A comprehensive review of tools, techniques and models to measure and manage knowledge, intellectual capital and intangibles
The complete guide to methods of measuring knowledge and intellectual capital with over 30 models reviewed and case examples from over 35 companies. Plus, checklists and guidance for developing measurement frameworks for improving the management of intellectual capital.

Measuring Knowledge and Intellectual Capital - more information

Transforming Strategic Performance Through The Balanced Scorecard

How the evolution of the balanced scorecard can take corporate performance to new heights
World-class organizations recognize that strategy should be a continuous, real-time process, where every person sees a direct link between their role and corporate goals. This report reveals how your organization can use the balanced scorecard to become the framework for strategy formulation, navigation, communication and execution.

Balanced Scorecard, Strategic Performance - more information

Building and Developing the Finance Scorecard

Your step-by-step guide to implementing a finance scorecard
This report is essential for any finance professional who has seen that the finance function needs to be at the core of strategy development. It details how finance can, through the balanced scorecard, reposition itself as a value-adding business partner, the driver of corporate strategy and the creator of new management processes.

Building and Developing the Finance Scorecard - more information