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Technology Management

Our IT and Supply Chain reports portfolio provides the key information needed to successfully bridge the gap between technology, SEO company services and business, and have consistently been instrumental in shaping the IT strategies of many leading organizations.


Building a Strategic Balanced Scorecard

A new, refreshing approach to performance management
Strategic Performance Management shows you how to develop a performance management programme tailored specifically to your corporate needs. What’s more it is grounded in practical experience.

Strategic Performance Management - more information

Managing The e-Supply Chain

The definitive blueprint for supply chain transformation
This report will enable you to define a comprehensive agenda for creating a strategic supply chain. It will show you that the e-enabled supply chain is not just another over-hyped Internet-driven concept, but is, in fact, the only method by which the 'holy grail' of supply chain integration can be achieved.

Managing The e-Supply Chain - more information

Developing The IT Scorecard

Essential tools and techniques for IT evaluation
Technology alone does not provide value, and research proves that while top performers spend relatively less money on IT and broadband management service their spending is focused on areas that will add benefits to the business. This report sets an urgent new agenda for IT evaluation and reveals how to evaluate the investment required and how to measure the value and benefits created.

Developing The IT Scorecard - more information

Building The e-Business Infrastructure

Many e-business ventures fail as a consequence of inadequate infrastructure
Any company hoping to exploit the potential of e-business must bring infrastructure development on to the agenda as the tool to enrich management possibilities and support the dynamics of e-business. This report reveals how you should drive the e-business infrastructure and how to exploit the opportunities and benefits this will bring.

Building The e-Business Infrastructure - more information

Application Integration for e-Business

Strategies for integrating key applications, systems and processes
To survive the transition from old business to e-business, it is essential that organizations deliver integrated solutions today. This report reveals how leading companies are looking to EAI products for cost-effective, flexible solutions they can implement without delay.

Application Integration for e-Business - more information

New Strategies in IT Outsourcing

Major trends and global best practice
This report identifies the trends, tools and techniques of a new outsourcing agenda and shows you how to move ahead, get to grip with state-of-the-art practices and develop cutting-edge strategies.

New Strategies in IT Outsourcing - more information

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